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A Confident Caring Approach to Crisis

Safe Visitation

Why is Safe Visitation needed?

Research shows the importance of children maintaining safe and positive con-tact with both parents. However, in families where family violence has occurred and the parents are separated, child visits with a non-custodial parent can be stressful. P.A.C.E. provides onsite supervised visits for families where there is a high risk of family violence between parents or family members. The Safe visitation services are provided by trained staff to ensure children have a positive experience visiting with their parent.

Who is eligible for Safe Visitation Services?

Families may be eligible for services if:
There have been incidents of domestic violence between parents and the parents are separated.

There is a high risk of continuing or escalating family violence between parents. And the children are at risk of further harm or exposure to Domestic Violence.

The custodial parent would like a child to have safe contact with the non-custodial parent, a child wishes to visit the non-custodial parent, or a court has ordered that a child must have the opportunity to visit the non-custodial parent.

The family circumstances have been assessed by a Child Youth and Family Services Authority (CFSA) or Delegated First Nations Agency (DFNA) caseworker who has determined that the safe visitation pro-gram will meet the intervention needs of the family.

How does the Safe Visitation service work?

Anyone can refer a family for safe visitation services. The family is referred to the local CFSA office. Or can go directly to the P.A.C.E. offices.

When a family is referred, a caseworker will provide a comprehensive assessment of the family situation, including risk factors for ongoing exposure to family violence and abuse.

The caseworker will connect the family to the safe visitation services.

The coordinator from the safe visitation services will meet with the parents separately and do an intake.

The staff will help develop safety measures so that the parents do not have contact with one another, allowing them to focus on the best interest of the child.

Once both parents are signed into the program visits are scheduled. All visits will take place at the PACE visitation site. The staff will observe the contact between the parent and child and provide support to enable the child to have a positive experience. Before and after the visit, the agency staff can assist family members in accessing specialized services, such as counseling and parenting support.

Services Availability

Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 9am - 5pm
Monday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Closed Thursday and Friday and over the long weekends
There is no cost for the services of the safe visitation program Requests for additional information may be obtained by contacting the Safe visitation program coordinator at 780-882-471.
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Contact Information

Program Coordinator
Marlene Iverson

10031-103 Ave.
Grande Prairie Alberta.