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A Confident Caring Approach to Crisis

Public Education

P.A.C.E. provides a range of crisis intervention, support, & counseling services involving sexual abuse/assault, child abuse, and trauma.

It is known that education and understanding are key elements in prevention. At P.A.C.E. it is out objective to educate while providing accurate information and resources within our community. Our presentations are a combined endeavor of lectures, powerpoint, discussions, videos, and handouts.

School Presentations

K-6 "Who Do You Tell?" Program

The "Who Do You Tell?" Program is a comprehensive sexual abuse education program for children. Trained educators teach students three key messages: childhood sexual abuse is NEVER the child's fault, it's ok to say NO, and TELL someone you know and trust. Delivery of the program consists of two presentations for each class in a discussion format with pictures, videos, and books. The program includes a staff information session & parent information session.

Gr.7-12 "Sexual Violence & Healthy Relationships" Program

The "Sexual Violence & Healthy Relationships" Program defines sexual abuse, assault, and harassment for youth and helps debunk some of the myths surrounding these topics. The teenagers are asked why victims think "it's my fault" and why it's hard for people to disclose. Students have the opportunity to brainstorm how to cope healthily with sexual violence and how to help a friend who has experienced it. Topics such as: why people offend, why consent is important, and how we can help reduce sexual violence in our life and community are all covered. To end off the presentation, the trained educators encourage students to practice healthy relationships and to identify unhealthy ones.

Community Presentations

All presentations and topics can be tailored to suit the needs of the requesting agency.

Possible presentations include:

In 2013, P.A.C.E. provided over 197 presentations to approx. 3887 individuals in the community of Grande Prairie and surrounding area.

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. ~ B.B. King

Contact Information

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PACE Public Education Coordinator
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