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A Confident Caring Approach to Crisis

Monitored Exchange

Monitored Exchange services monitor a child's movement between his custodial and his non-custodial parent immediately before and after unsupervised visitation. The Monitored Exchange Program provides a safe, neutral setting for the exchange for families experiencing family violence.

Who Benefits?

The program can benefit families experiencing: alleged domestic abuse and or an ongoing threat of domestic abuse between custodial and non-custodial adults.

What is Monitored Exchange?

The Monitored Exchange program provides a safe, hassle free way for parents to exchange children for visitation. The exchange takes place at the P.A.C.E. office through a third party so the parents have no contact with each other.

Monitored exchange provides for ongoing positive interactions between parent and child while safeguarding the physical and emotional well being of all family members.

Who Needs the Monitored Exchange Program?

How Does the Monitored Exchange Work?

Every other weekend parents exchange the child (ren) for the visitation on a Friday and then return the child (ren) on Sunday afternoon. Parents must agree to cooperate with the program. The parent must:

About the exchange supervisors

The Monitored Exchange Supervisors are people who realize that this is a difficult situation for each person involved. All have been trained and are continually learning more about making each visit a safe and positive experience for the child (ren) . The Supervisor will ensure that the parents have no contact with each other.

What is the cost?

At this time there is no cost to either party.

Where does this take place?

Monitored Exchange takes place at the P.A.C.E. Office located at 10031-103 Ave. Grande Prairie, Alberta

Monitored Exchange Accomplishes…

What is the referral process?

Referrals that are made to the program from external agencies will be forwarded to the Monitored Exchange Coordinator at P.A.C.E. At this point, a screening assessment will take place.

Referral sources to the program may include but are not restricted to:
R.C.M.P. Domestic Violence Unit
Family Court
John Howard Society

Contact Information

10031-103 Ave.
Grande Prairie Alberta.

Program Coordinator
Marlene Iverson