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A Confident Caring Approach to Crisis

Caring Dads Program

What is Caring Dads?

Through 17 sessions fathers will...

The Caring Dads group program runs once a week for 17 weeks. This group offers...

Facts about fathering:

Fathers can and want to be a positive influence in the lives of their children.

Positively involved fathers enhance their children's academic, personal and social development.

Unfortunately, fathers can also have a negative impact on their children.

This occurs when fathers:

Do you sometimes feel so angry at your child that you feel like blowing up?

Are you concerned that your relationship with your child is not as close as you hoped it would be?

Do you sometimes wonder how well you know your child?

Sometimes are you concerned about the level of discipline that you seem to need to keep your child in line?

In Grande Prairie The Caring Dads Program is funded by the Government of Alberta Safe Communities innovation funds Eligibility is determined during a required screening interview. We accept referrals from individuals and from other organizations.There is no fee for this program.

Contact Information

10031-103 Ave.
Grande Prairie Alberta

Program Coordinator
Marlene Iverson