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A Confident Caring Approach to Crisis

Caribou Centre

The Caribou Child and Youth Centre iss a partnership between RCMP, Child and Family Services, Victim Services, The Crown, Alberta Health Services and PACE. The Caribou Child and Youth Centre is modelled largely after the Zebra Centre in Edmonton and is one of only a few Centres of its kind in Canada. The Caribou Child and Youth Centre is child focused, and family friendly. We want the process of disclosure and follow up to be as comfortable as possible for you and your children.

The Centre works under a model of a Multi-Disciplinary Team approach to investigations. It is a collaborative approach which strives to minimize stress, anxiety, and trauma to the child witness, while working to promote safety, protection, and justice.

The Caribou Child and Youth Centre strives to provide a welcoming venue for the RCMP and Child and Family Services to conduct their interviews. The Centre also provides the following services, audio video recordings of the interviews (to be used for court proceedings,) crisis intervention, support and counseling to child victims and non-offending family members, supervision of children while at the Centre, court preparation and accompaniment, access to therapy, advocacy, and referrals.

The naming of our Caribou Child and Youth Centre was chosen to reflect the level of caring and protection that the adult caribou provide to their young, and more vulnerable members of their herd. The Caribou demonstrate endurance, strength, fortitude, and perseverance in going the distance. They also possess the power of adaptability in adversity, caution in surroundings, and tenacity to get things accomplished. The Caribou show us how to keep moving onward and flowing with the herd. Most importantly, the Caribou is about movement and finding peace as you walk through life.

Contact Information

Jamie Crozier
Phone: 780-814-7223

In Alberta, you are required to report allegations of child abuse directly to children's services or the police. To report, call Child and Family Services Authority at 780-538- 5102, or the RCMP at 780-830-5701.